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Your car is your image. The way that you dress up and present yourself says a lot to anyone that you come in contact with on everyday. Whether it’s someone that you’re formally meeting with for the first time or just a simple passerby, your appearance goes a long way when it comes to making a first impression. Apparently, so does your car.

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How to disconnect electrical connectors?

Every automotive has an electrical system that consists of three very important components: the battery, the starter, and the alternator. All these systems work together in a cyclical way, so an electrical problem that starts in any one of these components will affect the other parts of the system. It is important to check it on a weekly or even daily basis to make sure that future problems will be prevented.


How to prevent Engine overheating?

Preventing your engine from overheating?
There are some steps to prevent your car's engine from overheating, check regularly the coolant reservoir and radiator,
checking the temperature gauge if rising because this is very essential tool that can help to prevent your engine overheat.
Make sure to always check or monitor outside the radiator body if there are possible leak. because there are some cases this are the reason why the temperature is rising. One thing more is bring extra coolant or mineral water for emergency purposes.


How to change engine oil?

Oil changes is a must. However, read the owner’s manual of your vehicle and be sure to get your oil changed at the proper intervals recommended by your manufacturer.
Proper maintained of you oil changed are keeping your car running properly. If you are not changing your oil regularly, sludge will begin to build up in your engine. Changing oil will keep your engine clean. It also protect the other engine parts. Regularly changed oil will get better gas mileage as long as you changed on time. Removing dirt oil, old oil can result to a better performance, clean engine can help to the environment.


Grinding and Squeaking Brakes

There's a lot of car owners who don’t consider brake maintenance a priority until something goes wrong.
when you hit the brakes, you also observe noise goes away, only returning again when your foot comes off the brake pedal.
Sometimes the brake pedal vibrates when pressed. One important thing here is to have the brake pads replaced as soon as you hear that squeal associated with hitting the brakes. The best way to avoid things like brake grinding or squeaking is to keep up with good brake maintenance.

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Used car prices skyrocket to unprecedented highs! but why?

Back in the day, there was a stigma attached to buying used cars. Often times people would buy old clunkers and drive them until they were completely unfixable.


How to apply automotive seam sealer?

Before application of any type of seam sealer it is important that the surfaces to be sealed are clean and dry. The surface must also be free from any wax, grease, grime or dirt as these contaminants can prevent proper adhesion.


How to solder automotive wires? Ultimate Guide

The process of soldering is easy if you know what and how much water to add into the bowl with melted solder. The key rule here is – do not look at it! It's better to have a separate container for melted solder, because the soldering iron will be kept in it…

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