How to install an automotive floor pan?

1. Remove seat, carpeting, panels

” The floor pan is the structural body of any vehicle that separates the frame rails from the passenger compartment. As a unibody structure, there is no undercoating to be removed for access. In this article we will show you how to remove and install a new or used metal replacement floor pan on a late model Ford Mustang.”

2. Notch the wheelwells

“Notching allows space for jackstands behind each tire if necessary while removing/installing the fenders and supports removal of exhaust and suspension components after installation.”

3. Install frame rails and suspension components

“This is a major step that can not be overlooked. The chassis must be completely bolted in to the body for proper alignment.”

4. Suspension U-bolts replacement

“the new floor pan will not bolt up correctly if the u-bolts are reused. Take time to unbolt and replace all of them while you have access to the underside.”

5. Seat support removal

“Mostly every car has some sort of structure between the front seats and rear trunk area.”

6. Remove carpeting from inside wheel wells and lower door panels

“Removing carpet from these areas makes installing your new panel much easier, because it allows access without having to remove the panels.”

7. Hinge removal and modification to support new floor pan

“This is probably the longest part of the process, because you now have to modify all four doors, two at a time. Take your time removing them and only cut as much as necessary.”

8. Welding in place of missing or damaged sections

“It's essential that these key areas are made perfectly smooth for proper sealing when painting.. complete coverage with no bare metal will prevent rust from returning.”

9. Fit sub-frame under body where it was removed

“Take extra time aligning things properly here so everything lines up correctly before fully tightening any bolts.”

10. Strengthen floor with various cuts and welds

“More than just welding the new floor in place, we need to reinforce it with filler material for strength and stiffening to keep the structure from flexing.”

11. Reinstall interior components as the car is assembled around the new floor pan

“This is not that difficult of a job if done properly, but make sure to only reinstall what you have room for at this time.”

12. Floor pan finished with seam sealer [not specified]

“Finish your carpentry work by adding any additional materials or sealing required before painting.”

13. Paint floor pan [instructions not provided; must be assumed]

“When you're finished, the new floor pan will look much better than it would have had you left it alone.”

14. Reinstall seat and finish reassembling car

“Now that your project is almost complete, don't forget to reinstall everything as you go along and make sure all of the bolts are tightened securely.”

15. Start driving [not specified]

“Your work is now done! You can go out and start driving on your freshly installed floor pan knowing that any rust was eliminated.”

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