A car traveling with constant speed travels 150 km in 7200 s. what is the speed of the car?

-2.78 m/s².

the following equation can be used to calculate the answer:
distance traveled = speed * time taken-1
distance traveled ————-150*7200-1 ————-93600 meters or 147 kilometers per hour.

what is the speed of a car that travels 150 km in 7200 s?

if the car travels at a constant speed for 7200s, it will lose approximately 250 km.
in this case, given the average speed of 65 km/h, travelling 150km would take approximately 9740 seconds, meaning that in order to get back to 0km traveled it would only need 7712 seconds.
this yields an approximate difference of 1200 kilometers or 1209 kilometers – because travel time is rounded up.

what is the average speed of a car that travels 150 km in 3 hours?

the average speed of a car that travels 150 km in 3 hours is 60 km per hour.
let's take some information given and find out the answer to the question we're looking for. speed is calculated by dividing distance (150km) by time (3hrs). so, dividing 150km into 180 minutes (three hours) we get an average speed of 60 kilometers or approximately 40 miles per hour. this calculation may be easier on a calculator with decimal capability. simply divide 100*150/180; your answer will be 60kph or 55mph, depending on how you measure measurements on your specific calculator).
note: the si unit of speed is meters per second although people may use kilometers or

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