Automobile bad spray can job what grit sandpaper to cut thru dull paint

There are many ways to strip paint from a car. a highly recommended solution is using a paint remover. paint removers have the ability to melt off old, dulled paint on nearly any surface type, leaving no mess and little effort on your part.

some of the most popular types of paint removers on the market include tsp, toluene, paint stripper, citrus industrial butter
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what grit do you use to sand automotive paint?

grit refers to the size of the sand paper or paint pad, with an either 50 or 100 grit being the most aggressive and coarse. for automotive paint that is in good condition, it takes about three firms back and forths with a 150-grit wet sponge followed by four more firm strokes with 400-grit wet/dry sandpaper to make any more noticeable scratches disappear. after this process, use soap and water to completely wash away tiny residue particles from your hands before you resume work on your car's bodywork. note that these are not half measures of roughness–the 500 grit is at least as course as 50 but more appropriate if there are significant flaws in the surface paint

can you sand something that has been spray painted?

no. the paint has likely adhered to the surface more than one would think, and you wouldn't want to ruin the original work done by spray painting it.

should i sand down my canvas?-painting on canvas

no. up until recently, any painting on canvas would be glued in place and unable to move or achieve a three dimensional look like oil or acrylic paintings can achieve. however, nowadays artists often will use a medium that is able to allow pictures on both paper and canvas mesh; these include paints such as watercolor and tempera paints among others including gouache. this means that while there may not be an adhesive linking your paper or canvas together like in traditional paintings, your painted picture should still stay

how do you remove cloudiness from car paint?

if your car is only a little cloudy, you should be able to polish it with a good wax and buff kit. in order to clean the paint properly, use a circular motion until all of the dirt and polishes are removed from the surface. then thoroughly dry the surface with detailing towels.

if your car paint is full or partial absorbed water spots that require more laborious attention, mix up some trisodium phosphate (tsp) paste at home by adding 1 part tsp to 3 parts water in a 4 lb plastic dish pan. use a putty knife or other heavy object to spread evenly over dried spot until completely covered with thick white pasty material – allow about 10 minutes for drying. rinse off residue immediately

can i sand a bad paint job?

the short answer is no. you can't sand a bad paint job, but it's a great idea to use a primer in the future when you're painting!

the long answer is that if your paintjob has been exposed to much wear and tear, there may be damage to the surface of your walls or trim from previous layers of paint. in these cases, sanding may be required to make it smooth enough for repainting. but in most cases, not even sanding will improve an already-bad layer of painting since it's just going to look worse after you finish scrubbing off all that shiny top coat. the best thing going forward would simply be revamping your home with a fresh coat of bright white paint

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