Automobile invented when

According to the history channel,[1] after many years of experiments, inventors in 1885 began building cars that could be considered to be automobiles. these first models were not very well designed and were expensive because they used too much expensive materials that weren't durable.

it would take another 20 years before henry ford perfected the assembly line process.[2] with this new process, ford was able to turn out motorcars at a lower price which didn't require high quality materials because it reduced waste, re-used parts—including axles from war time artillery guns—and spread production tasks across greater numbers of workers who assembled them by hand or using simple tools. the result was her less costly cars which people wanted more than benz's

when was the first automobile invented?

the first mechanical automobile was invented by karl benz in 1879.

the idea behind the car seems to have originated with leonardo da vinci's sketches of a vehicle that would operate on tracks, powered by an early form of steam engine. there are interesting parallels between various designs, including one by wolfgang von kempelen, based on his desire to construct the perfect chess playing machine. however, this design raised many engineering problems and did not seem practical at all. benz figured out how to create simple vehicles which were affordable for the masses.

when and where was the first automobile invented?

there are no formal records. the internet has many articles about the development of the automobile, but it can be hard to tell what is true and what is just speculation. there are several urban legends about when and where car was invented that go back as early as 250 bc to medieval china. however, there is strong evidence that the first cars were developed in 1885 by karl benz in germany because he had a whole museum of vehicles from his time period catalogued with his name on them – prices from 1911 being 5-60 billion reichsmarks depending on model.

one of america's favorite inventions though might have been bill foster's invention – a rideable self-propelled device called ‘rabbit grasping'

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