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what does auto liability only cover?

auto liability only covers the property damage and medical expenses incurred to property or person than might result in an auto accident that was caused by the policy holder’s automobile.

auto liability offers compensation if you are at fault for injuries suffered by another individual(s) in your car. auto liability coverage protects against drivers other than yourself. for example, say something falls out of your trunk while driving and hits their windshield, this would be covered under the policy holder’s unreported comprehensive coverage. thus, if you're not sure whether it's worth investing in extra safety measures like an alarm system or steering wheel lock for non-drivers, then get a quote on auto liability alone (which is much cheaper).

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what is the purpose of liability insurance on a car?

it can be difficult to determine who is at fault in an accident, and there may be the added complication of the injuries. if someone sues, they'll need to take into account lost salary and insurance payments due to the damage done by the person's car – which means that not only will their own medical needs need to be covered after an accident, but theirs could end up hurting their family as well (i.e., if mom has a full-time job).

(for those who aren't working) this might also invariably lead them back towards temporary government assistance because now they're unable to financially sustain themselves as well as help support any children or other dependents they may have. the drivers responsible for such accidents will

does liability insurance cover any car i drive?

liability insurance is only applicable to the vehicle you are driving at the time of an accident, not any other vehicle.

for example, if you borrow a friends' car and they have liability insurance, but decide to sue you for damages, your own auto policy will step in because technically its vehicle insured against damage. the owner's auto company should be listed as primary on your “named driver” list. however, if their car gets damaged by someone else while operating under your license (you weren't behind the wheel), then it would fall under that person's coverage. this happens all the time-a friend crashes into someone else's car and then lists your name as their additional driver so they can get away with cheaper rates!

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