Automobile what is the fuse that has a slash diagram

The fuse panel is usually located in the engine compartment. if you can't find it there, it's probably near your battery or under the hood on one of the fenders. fuseboxes are colour coded to make them easy to identify; for example, automotive electrical systems are blue and power distribution (electrical lines) may be yellow or black with stripes. it will take some time to find your vehicle's diagram because diagrams like these are only found in service manuals available at auto parts stores for about $30-$60 us. here is an excerpt from an excerpt of a fuse diagram that i found on autozone's website that might help you locate yours:

attached files fuse-diagrams-excerpt

what is fuse with diagram?

you need to know the difference between a fuse and a circuit breaker.

what are the 5 types of fuses?

1) standard fuses.
2) fast-acting fuses.
3) reduced-voltage fuses
4) miniature low-voltage fuses
5) fuse links.
6) fuse holders.

what are the 3 types of fuses?

fuses are a type of circuit protection that protects the power connections against unwanted high current flow by melting the metal or pulling a live wire.
the three types of fuses are as follows: 1) passive, 2) active, 3) electrical. a “passive” fuse is one that uses an element such as a ceramic tube to interrupt the current path when it reaches its rated amperage; an “active” fuse is one that operates through transistors or neon bulbs; and finally, an “electrical” fuse is one with no moving part at all (an example would be blowing apart red mercury-glass inserts when they reach their rated voltage).
if you want to know more about which kinds of

how do i identify a fuse?

the easiest way to identify a fuse is from the color band around it. a standard american fuse will have a red or brown band wrapping around it, and this indicates that it's a 10 amp fuse. in most other countries there are different colors for different amps.

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