Between 1913 to 1925, ford’s model t automobile was available in what color


green was one of the first colors available, and it is harder to determine given the lack of photographs. however, given that green paint is cheaper than other colors, some users may have been drawn towards it more as a result of its economical cost. some accounts from those who purchased the model t stated they were able to choose from five colors—black or dark blue as well as light blue, green and red—though light blue has not been confirmed for 1913-1925 due to a lack of photographic evidence. other early choices include 1920's black cars with chrome trim that went for about $200 new or 1922 roadsters with yellow tops that only cost $750 at a time when most smaller vehicles were selling for nearly twice

what color was the 1913 1925 model t?

there is a technical answer and a non-technical answer to this question, so i will give you both.
the non-technical answer would be that the 1913 1925 model t was painted any of the several different shades available from ford at the time. for example, cars were offered in all of these colors... black, black & tan (called mouse grey by collectors), red, green, red & yellow (murphy brown), blue; blue & tan (sky gray); cream; goldenrod; maroon; navy blue.
this makes color identification very difficult because there isn't an easy way to figure out what color it is if it's not one of those six colors. the technical answer revolves around how paint codes work with

what color did the model t come in?

model t's could originally only come in black.
later, they became available in other colors such as blue and green.
today, they can be found in red and white with complete bodies or candy apple gold with the fenders painted to simulate aged chrome.
model ts were also custom ordered with many different paint schemes or decals according to preference and resources for people who wanted a car that stood out in the crowd.
the cow like cowcatcher on early model ts is another example of personalization which appeared when farmers would put their county animal symbol on the wheels of their “main” wagon at one time; this design made its way onto model t's wagons soon after that. woman often chose pale shades

what color did the model t come in when it was made during the 1920s?

the model t originally had a black paint, but during the 1920s it was painted yellow to help identify them on the road.

the website has an official answer for this question at https://www.

when did ford add colors?

ford added colors in 1937.
where did you hear this information: read the wikipedia page on ford motor company https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ford_motor_company

the following is a passage from the wikipedia page on ford motor company: “in 1920, henry's son edsel finally convinced his father to add another car to their new detroit-built line of luxury cars.” there was some pressure from dealers and distributors like clarence cady – who had worked with general motors but left to work with chalmers and fisher – one of their primary accounts that they should produce more models since they were losing money on every new model that would only be sold in small numbers. they introduced production at a new plant

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