Car clicks when trying to start

There are a number of possibilities for this. if it clicks and turns over fine, then most likely the battery is just drained. if it's brand new recently replaced you should check the alternator belt for missing teeth or abraded surface, an old one may need replaced as well. check that you don't have low voltage wire running underground to your vehicle and that water hasn't splashed onto and corroded insulation on top of said wire. i'd also recommend checking for low fluid level in the power steering reservoir, if it's below 50% full, replacing air filter with oem equivalent (i.e bosch), checking coolant level or any hot oil leaks near exhaust manifold/close/heating pipe as these

what does it mean when you turn the key and it clicks?

the sound that you hear when turning the key in the ignition is called “timing chain lash.” this noise typically comes from one or more of these components failing inside your vehicle's internal combustion engine. depending on where the failure occurs, it can affect how far your timing chain stretches and will cause different symptoms. deterioration in any one of these parts can lead to excess heat buildup, excess oil consumption, poor running performance and various other adverse symptoms depending on what other part(s) are affected. the most common result of aging or defective timing chains is metal shavings getting distributed through your engine's oil pan which leads to premature wear of critical engine components like pistons, connecting rods and bearings.

why does my car click but wont start?

getting an expert to take a look and provide some service is often the best solution in these situations.

test everything with your car; see what's not working, and get it fixed. do you hear any clicking when turning on the engine?

it could be that you need a starter or that there is an electrical issue or maybe just a clogged fuel injector. the best way to know would be to have your car checked thoroughly at a repair shop. one common cause of these clicks is if someone left their key in the ignition while starting it one too many times without turning it off again, so did all their wiring grounded out on nearby metal? if so, try opening up the vehicle and checking for overhe

does a bad starter make a clicking noise?

a starter has a few jobs to do. one of these is to help bread rise by breaking down the starch molecules in bread dough. if your starter becomes inactive, then this breakdown process will slow down and the result may be that some clumps form and not all yeast cells behave normally while they're multiplying. this can cause lumps in the dough and clicking noises while it's rising-making for a less than ideal texture and taste. keeping your starter active is important because it impacts flavor, texture, gas content/rise time, shelf life (yes!) and many other things.

some things you can do to keep your starter healthy include giving it regular feedings between uses (say, once per week), not neglect

how do you tell if it's your starter or battery?

it can be difficult to tell.
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it can be difficult to tell without a voltmeter, but a simple first step is checking the battery's polarity on your starter and on your battery. check to see if they match or not on both sides. if it doesn't match, then you know that the issue is likely with the starter rather than the battery. if they match however, then re-check all connections as well as make sure there are no clogs blocking gas flow from the tank to the carburetor or valve cluster. other indicators include trying different channels on tv or radio stations, checking headlights for use of high beams at night etc..etc… . rechargeable batteries typically have

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