Car feels sluggish when accelerating

A car could generally have one of three things wrong with it: lack of engine tune-up, worn engine belts and/or tires, or the transmission.

why is my car sluggish when i accelerate?

the engine may not be up to its optimum operating temperature (due to the car sitting idle for too long) and the battery might need a jump-start. this can manifest in sluggish acceleration, or an inability to accelerate at all — which is usually caused by low voltage output from the battery. anemic results like these should always get checked out by a mechanic if they're persistent and troubling.
sometimes there's also something wrong with the rings that surround your cylinder heads that squirt oil past your piston rods; or maybe it's time for new spark plugs, fuel injectors, air filters, or other engine components according to what symptoms you experience when accelerating. luckily for you we sell discount car parts so it won't cost

why is my car lagging when i press the gas?

if your car is lagging when you press the gas then the rpms are probably not picking up enough so you need to either check the air filter or fluid levels. if neither of those appear to be a problem, then it might be time to take your vehicle in for servicing.

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