Car jerks when slowing down

A car's transmission has components that produce heat. temperature is a big factor in how smoothly a vehicle rides as high temperatures mean that the fluid becomes more viscous and doesn't flow as easily through the system. all this friction produces wear on parts and they eventually wear out which can cause jerking when slowing down because sometimes parts have to move quickly so enough lube has been built up ahead of time for them before coming to a halt. additionally, if you have an automatic transmission, it may be due to slippage from overuse or damage from poor driving habits such as driving too many stop-and-go miles without coasting down your speed first. in any case, i recommend having the system fluid coolant checked

why does my car jerk when slowing down?

tires have a tough job. when you need to stop your car quickly, the load on the tires can be as much as 3,000 pounds. that's a lot of force going out from under the tires against their surface area and internal friction. sometimes it doesn't work correctly and makes jerks when slowing down – this is called “brake shudder.”

there are many things that can cause brake shudder – for example, warped rotors will increase drag on the tire because they're out of alignment with each other causing them to rub unevenly across the tire. brakes that aren't adjusting properly or improperly adjusted brakes will also drag along at an angle and jerk against these surfaces leading to extra wear or even grinding down parts

what does it mean when your car starts jerking?

when your car's engine is not running at its normal speed, it can jerk. these jerks might also occur when driving uphill if the transmission is slipping back and forth between gears.

the engine should run smoothly with no visible jerks or shakes. if you notice that your car starts jerking, then the problem could be something as simple as an improperly adjusted spark plug gap to something more serious like a rod bearing issue. a licensed mechanic will be able to diagnose what needs to be done in order to fix the problem properly so that your car runs smoothly again.

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