Car makes noise when accelerating

The noise can come from a number of problems. erratic noises are usually related to the engine timing chain, belt, crankshaft position sensor, or other mechanical or electronic systems that control car operation. you may simply need tune-up services to fix the problem. swirling noises could be due to worn brake pads and warped rotors, a potentially dangerous condition if it continues long term. multiple honking sounds might indicate a faulty muffler system which needs replacing quickly before it causes an accident or brings unwanted attention from law enforcement. and hums can be caused by defective tires wearing unevenly and going flat more often than they should – as such you'll need to replace those asap as well as the wheels if possible

why does my car make a noise when i accelerate?

does your car have a strut? if so the noise is coming from may be coming from the gas shock absorber. in this case you will want to replace it because every time you use the gas pedal to accelerate or turn, it puts pressure on that part. use a warranty or an extended warranty if available, as this process often requires a tow truck due to location of steering shaft and other obstructions.

if not, check for any metal grinding sounds as sometimes these noises are related to worn brake shoes, although those generally make squealing noises rather than stopping noises at high speeds. you can also explore newer vehicles with noisless hybrid motors as one possible solution. in many cases though replacement parts will need to be

when i press the gas my car makes a loud noise?

when the gas pedal is pressed, it allows air to enter the engine. if there is any carbon buildup on your engine pistons or valves, then this air may not flow smoothly into the chambers of the combustion chambers. this clinging together of fuel that does not burn correctly can create loud noises that come from your exhaust pipe or muffler.

maintenance includes having an oil change every six months and changing out your spark plugs once per year. check with a professional automotive shop for more information before attempting any home care maintenance projects on your car's interior parts.

how do I fix a rattling noise when i accelerate?

the most common cause for a rattling noise is a loose drive belt, and can be fixed by simply tightening it.

you will likely need to have your vehicle's tires rotated if they have been on the same side of the car from back to front for 10,000 miles.
other signs that may contribute to a rattling noise include worn lower control arm bushings or ball joints. a thorough inspection should help determine what needs to be replaced in order to rectify this issue. if these symptoms persist, you may want to come in for an exhaust system repair so we can ensure all your engine components are running smoothly together. you would not believe how many fixes a simple tune-up provides!
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