Car makes rattling noise when accelerating

if you would like more information about car noises, please refer to the following video on youtube: https://www.youtube….nqes6mwpigvrxqoectew/watch?v=l_4kppdkja8#t=319

how do i fix a rattling noise when i accelerate?

i would recommend you have a qualified technician, such as one from yourmechanic, inspect your vehicle for any issues or upgrades that may contribute to the noise.

issues with body panels and interior components can cause rattling noises which is most noticeable when accelerating. in some cases, there are pros and cons to addressing the issue through servicing the car at a shop or repairing it yourself. the factors that need to be considered include whether you can find ways around potential repair mysteries if you do a diy repair, access to necessary parts and tools for performing a repair, economy of doing a diy repair vs paying someone else, time available to perform repairs as well as competency of those who will be fixing your car if it requires repairing by

why does my car make a rattling noise when i press on the gas?

it may be a sign of a failed front engine mount.

a rattling noise is often caused by vibrations transmitted from the engine through the power train and onto the chassis or wheels themselves. this can occur if one of the mounts has come loose, which will typically cause rattling in only one direction instead of both directions. a failing mount can also be observed at speed because of vibration “noise”. so it's best to have this fixed as soon as possible — before more and more things begin to break and accumulate (including involving safety).

when i accelerate i hear a rattling noise?

the rattling noise is likely coming from the underside of the car. even if you're not aware of any notable damages or smoke around the engine, this noise will increase in frequency and intensity as time goes by. the source of this noise may be to do with worn suspension components such as ball-joints, control arm bushings, and even tie rod ends! if you aren't sure about what to do next when it comes to solving your rattle problem, ask an expert today!

how much does it cost to fix a rattling noise when accelerating?

you can never be too sure about how much it will cost to fix a rattling noise when accelerating, because quite often the entire cause of the problem may not be known. that said, there are some common causes of these types of noises that typically lead to set prices. those with abs (anti-lock brake systems) typically need new hardware or software upgrades in order to identify and fix this type of noise before things get worse. radiators also usually require fairly expensive replacements in order to stop this kind of sound from happening anymore. keep in mind though, these prices vary so it is best you research specific vehicles in order to pinpoint what the true issue is and what your options for fixing it are before making any decisions on who

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