Car not accelerating when pressing gas

..the throttle may be sticking open…there are many things that can cause this to happen, but it is usually easily fixed by an experienced technician. the mechanic needs to remove the air intake system and take the throttle body off the engine in order to find out what's wrong.” now i'm not a mechanic, but won't they be able to diagnose this issue even before getting into all of that?

it sounds like you're trying too hard with pressing on gas pedal. sometimes people think they need more power “quick!”. but if car doesn't respond then it might not be accelerating because of your behavior or something inside that controls how fast the vehicle goes like fuel pump or airflow sensor grid for gasoline engines.”

when i press on the gas my car doesn't accelerate?

this may be due to a few things, for example:
-a leaking coolant hose
-low transmission fluid
-clogged fuel filter, etc.

do you know what type of car? if you don't then i would just take it in and have them check it out. there's always an answer close. 😉

source: http://drivingisthenewsmoking.com/solutions/theres-always-an-answer/

why is my car sluggish when i step on gas?

one of the most common causes of this is an inadequate transmission fluid flow. first, it's necessary to check that the transmission fluid level in the reservoir is correct.
there are three types of transmission fluid that can be used with your vehicle – each for different conditions; automatic transmission fluid (atf) = indoor usage; manual transmission fluid (mtx) = light use; gear oil gl-5/gaa/gl-4 = heavy duty usage. the type of oil required depends on how often you drive and whether you live in a warmer climate or not. if you happen to be using atf or mtx, then your vehicle isn't running on the right kind of lubricant for its engine connections to function

what does it mean when your car struggles to accelerate?

it means that one of the components in the engine isn't working the way it should be. if you let your car warm up first, and then take a test drive, you will be able to notice which component isn't functioning correctly. most people think their gas pedal is broken when their car struggles to accelerate because this is a common issue with transmissions.

in order for an engine to work as planned, it needs all of its components – from ignition timing for fuel to reach all parts of the combustion chamber simultaneously, clean air flowing into each cylinder as quickly as possible without getting stuck at any point along the way – running smoothly and flawlessly. in most cases that results in someone thinking they need repairs done on their transmission when they

when i push the gas pedal no power?

taken from a car company with professional expertise

the most likely cause of this issue is due to a faulty throttle position sensor. the throttle body assembly sends information to the computer about how much gas you are pressing on it, and then the engine automatically adjusts itself accordingly. if your engine starts to misfire or feels like it's cutting out when you give it gas while already in gear, then you're probably having this issue. it may also happen when you change gears too quickly or if your vehicle has been standing for awhile during colder weather conditions. this seems rare but should always be investigated before purchasing new parts to fix the problem!

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