Car rattling when idle

Insufficient fuel at idle – if the idle is excessively high, this would indicate that there is not enough fuel in the car to burn cleanly or evenly. if there is plenty of fresh and clean fuel and air and no external interference with the ignition path (this includes faulty distributors, spark plugs, bad coils), then the rough running could be caused by a timing problem or carburetor problem.
the noise can change in character intermittently sometimes getting better when you accelerate then deteriorating again when you let off of the gas pedal so it sounds like kind of a combination of mismatch between engine components-matters more than conductor vs rotor. i recommend having it investigated as soon as possible because doing so early on before big damage

why does my car rattle when idle?

the rattling is likely caused by a warped axle, an uneven tire tread, clutch slippage, or a blown clutch disc. this problem warrants the attention of a professional.
possible causes of these problems can be attributed to improper maintenance or engine issues that have been neglected for too long. a thorough inspection will need to be conducted to determine which issue you are experiencing and how severe it may be. mechanics use rattle guns during inspections to locate vibrations coming from vehicle parts or joints by placing a small metal object on certain areas of the car frame and listening for noises as someone shakes the machine handle on different areas of your suspension system. if you hear some bumps when shaking this tool around those joints will require further investigation

why does my car rattle when parked?

there are four most common causes for this issue, which can be organized into two categories. mechanical or internal issues with the engine, and external problems that affect the areas around the vehicle's suspension parts. this article will cover mechanical and internal engine related problems below.

*a warped cylinder head- more than likely if your car is making rattling noises when it is parked, this sound may be coming from a worn inner piston skirt on either of cylinders 3&4 or one or more valves seated on those pistons. a mechanic will need to remove the valve covers in order to inspect these components for wear and tear.*

other possible reasons including owner driving habits (smoking in their vehicle) severe engine oil leaks that contain

how do i stop my car from rattling?

the best way to stop your car from rattling is to grind down the rattle with some sandpaper. however, before you start, unplug the battery ground cable and discharge any stored electrical current in the radiator.

it's advised that you buy a self-adhesive sandpaper for this task as it is easy to store and requires little or no preparation time outside of cutting it into small pieces. assuming you've already done all of the previous steps, now use your sandpaper on both “hollow” surfaces at once – including where they come together, so be sure to work your way around each surface completely if possible – applying pressure while grinding back and forth. be sure not to use a lot of force when doing

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