Car shakes when accelerating

It's hard to diagnose without a thorough inspection.

most common causes are the tires, the engine mounts, or an alignment issue with either wheels/tires not aligned with front tires. a good mechanic should be able to find out what the problem is. if you're worried about spending money on this diagnosis, then try doing some research on home remedies first and see if you can narrow down your problem that way before calling a professional.

what causes the car to shake when accelerating?

a shaky engine will cause the car to shake when accelerating. it’s possible that it could have a broken tranny belt, though this is unlikely if the radio still plays smoothly.
it is also worth checking for basic things like oil level and coolant levels!
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why is my car shaking when i press on the gas?

there are a few possible reasons why you might experience shaking when pressing on the gas pedal.

there are 3 common causes of shaking when driving, which are inconsistency in tire pressure, worn out springs or shocks, and foreign material in your vehicle's transmission fluid. but these situations can also lead to other issues with the car so it is recommended to have an expert examine your car before its next use.

can transmission cause car to shake?

when the malfunctions in an automobile lead to damage in connected systems, usually what you get added vibration to car's mechanism.

this means that, if the problem is related to the transmission, then the shaking would be due to gear shafts or axles that are not aligned or lubricated properly. this problem may also include slipping noises and flashing dashboard warning lights. if these issues occur, it would be best to take your vehicle into a repair shop because there might need other work done on other components for this issue to stop bothering you.

why is my car shuddering when driving?

shuddering or shaking when driving is usually an indication of one or more of the wheels out of alignment. when you turn, one or more wheels may not be rolling in the same direction which causes jerky motion.
ensuring that all 4 tires are inflated at similar pressure, balancing your tire pressure and/or installing wheel alignment will most likely provide a fix for shuddering steering.

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