Car shakes when i brake

Start by checking your brake pads for wear. too much wear will cause the brakes to vibrate when in operation. replace worn-out brake pads or adjust them, according to their condition or an online tutorial, in order to stop the vibrations (and sound).
it may also be because of improper tire balance. check out this post for help with fixing that problem.
or it could be because you are driving on damaged shock absorbers. replacing worn shocks will eliminate vibrations caused by this issue.*
feel free to contact me if none of these work and i'll look into other possibilities.*
best of luck!*
scott smith** {@scottsmith1998}* tesla electric convertible*****

how do i stop my car shaking when i brake?

types of brake pads

you are probably experiencing vibrations from the brakes because you have improperly adjusted brake pads. the most common mistake people make is to forget to tighten their caliper bolts. if you adjust your brakes this is usually all it takes, but there are other more serious possibilities, so you'll need to chat with a mechanic or car dealer about the problem's severity before getting them fixed.

why does my car shake when i brake?

there are a few causes that can contribute to this shaking, each with their own considerations that might need to be made before the problem can be solved.

the brake system has been found to account for approximately 35-50% of the braking work, making it one of the most important portions of any vehicle. the reasons brakes shake include anything from a faulty caliper or rotor, a lose hose clamp on any hydraulic lines attaching to your brake system, an improperly working anti-lock brake system (abs), and so forth. it's imperative before going forward with any diagnosis, you have an idea as to what type of vehicle you're dealing with as well as where the shake is coming from–whether it be front or back.

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