Car shakes when starting then runs fine

If the problem only showed up once, there could be something wrong with your driveway, oil level or timing. try running along a few open roads to see if the shaking happens elsewhere. if not, you may have a loose connection somewhere under the hood. for this kind of repair, it's best to leave it to an experienced mechanic for diagnosis and repair– high speeds will make everything vibrate more and cause problems which are much harder to diagnose without expensive diagnostic equipment!

why is my car shaking when i start it?

since “car shaking” is a wide and vague question, it would be difficult to find an answer. the likely places the shake might be coming from would be the engine, the transmission, or the differential lock.
the first place to check when you experience engine shimmy is your tires; if they're under-inflated, that sends vibrations through your entire drivetrain and into your soft parts (shoulders). you should also check for loose bolts or packing around front axle joints; tight vacuum lines; valve clearance; plugs and wires; electrical gremlins like faulty alternator cables. signal interruption can cause brake chatter as well as light flashes off of metal surfaces due to bad connections in dash wiring. check for worn or

can transmission cause car to shake?

yes, a transmission could be defective or have an issue that is causing it not to function properly.

a car may shake while driving if the driver tries to change gears too abruptly. this can cause the power transferring from the engine to wheels to come up against resistance and get unevenly distributed which in turn causes shaking. the other possibility is that there's an issue with your transmission so touching your brakes would also cause shaking. for this, you will need a professional mechanic who has experience working on transmissions for cars separately from their engines.

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