Car shaking when braking

If the problem only happens under braking, it may be due to a bent rim or defective brake pad. when a car's wheel is forced to rotate at an angle not parallel to the ground, the wheel will vibrate and shake as the treads does not make full contact with the pavement.

a defect in a brake pad can produce this behavior since parts of the pad will fail first – crumpling and flaring away from their housing can create bulges which will drag on your rim as you approach a stop sign or other traffic control device, causing metal-to-metal contact that bumps your whole wheel out of round. brakes pads often need replacement after about 20% wear due to normal aging/ageing

is it bad if my car shakes when i brake?

it should not be “bad” if your car shakes when you brake, but it can sometimes be dangerous.

there are two possibilities for the shaking sensation you might feel when braking: 1) the steering and suspension need to be examined. 2) there is a problem with how fluid-filled brake pads press against the rotors after they wear unevenly. if your car needs general maintenance or if this is an old vehicle that has been neglected, then all vehicles using discs and calipers will eventually shake at some point because both components need regular inspection and service to operate correctly. this includes examining why your brakes may have worn out unevenly faster than the other pads on the front wheels. in this case, top-quality brakes will

why does my car shakes when i brake?

this can be caused by many different things. a brake fluid leak may cause the rear brakes to be unbalanced. if you have a drum in your rear brakes, then a broken or worn out surface that's in contact with your shoe could cause the shaking. lots of things going on under the hood can also lead to a knock in the steering wheel and steering column when braking, but since this is often not there all the time it would require some inspection from an expert to see what's going on

some people experience shakes when they press on their breaks because their engine flywheel is loose
possible problems with rotors
must be ready for any type of diagnosis so ask only further questions if there are any apparent

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