Car shaking when starting

This could be caused by a number of things – loose components, worn out shocks, body damage. mostly, it is the result of tires that are under-inflated. your 4th question sounds like you might have tires that aren't fully inflated. if so, this would be the cause of feelings like these when starting your car and driving off. i would recommend having your back window checked to see if there may need to be some other service performed post attempted repair on the wind shield wipers as prevention against future issues with over sprayings or water leaks into one's interior seating area while parked in snowy or rainy locations for long periods of time.

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why is my car shaking when i start it?

1. ignition timing is off.
2. engine alignment is off due to worn engine mounts, which can be problematic if wheels are pointing in opposite directions.
3. drive train components are malfunctioning including belts, hoses, and pulleys; this problem would be uncommon unless it's an old model with weak or damaged parts (see below for possible causes).
4. axle bearings (axles) are loose; this problem could happen during dealer servicing because of improper torque settings on the axle nuts. tighten the nuts with power tools for maximum tightening torque, then inspect caster wheel – if that was not out-of-adjustment before tightening the nuts then it will certainly need adjustment now

why is my car shaking and not starting?

[list possible problems.]

if two of your tires are under-inflated, the vehicle will be shaking and not starting. if one or more of your fuel injectors is leaking, you might also see gas pouring out. you may have a bad sparkplug if the car is sputtering and not accelerating with no power steering. a throttle body can go bad if it has any excess grease, dirt or grime buildup on it. your engine control module may need an update to work better with o2 sensors that may simply just need replacement. it's always good to start simple before jumping into replacing expensive parts like the catalytic converter for exhaust emissions reasons when there are other things inside that can cause similar symptoms as well (

should i be worried if my car is shaking?

it is possible that you have a tire issue, a loose bolt, a broken suspension spring, or any number of other issues. the best thing to do is take your car to an expert who can make an informed decision about what the issue might be. you can find mechanics online in most major cities with the tools and expertise to determine if there's a more significant problem worth fixing right away.

if you suspect there may be some sort of internal engine damage going on inside the shaking, then it's best not to drive anywhere besides taking your car back where it came from or seeing someone who knows what they're doing about engine repairs. it could potentially lead to catastrophic destruction if something breaks free while you're waiting at a

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