Car shaking when stopped

A little brake pedal mat can help a lot.
for some older cars that have a problem with the brake light turning on sometimes when they're stopped, it's going to be necessary to get new brake shoes. this often occurs because of how the original brake light was wired in the car. in some cases, simply fixing this wiring mistake sometimes fixes the issue. if you try inspecting your own brakes and see if this is true for yours, consult an expert before trying any repairs – repairing brakes incorrectly can make your car more dangerous instead of safer!
in some cases where you want to change out your tires for a different brand or size, there's going to be a warranty that covers any work done on them while installed on a vehicle

why is my car shaking when i come to a stop?

the shaking would be from the calipers and brakes drumming along the rotors to case vibrations.

please provide a more informative answer — what causes this to happen?

traveling at higher speeds, your car's wheels and tires will turn and release energy rather than transmitting all of it through its frame. however, when you come to a stop, air pressure builds under the vehicle that must be released quickly before rolling forward or backing up causes further damage. this is done by loosening your solid brake disks using hydraulic pistons called calipers ; these pistons fit over the brake disks and reduce their thickness as they compress down on them, thereby slowing down rotation.]] as soon as one side of a rotor stops rotating,

why does my car vibrate when idle?

your car's engine may be running too fast. the faster the engine needs to run, the more vibration it will produce and feel.
the carbs might need cleaning or adjusting, or there could be a problem with your throttle position sensor that needs to be checked out by a professional.

is it safe to drive when your car is shaking?

it is unsafe to drive when your car has these types of symptoms, and any competent mechanic would recommend you seek a qualified diagnosis and repair as soon as possible.
both the real cause and time commitment for fixing these issues can vary depending on their severity, but it would be best to avoid putting yourself at risk before having them repaired by a professional. aside from the potential for personal injury, such problems with brakes or steering can also put other drivers in danger.

hope this helps!

should i be worried if my car is shaking?


there are a number of factors that can cause shaking, but it’s difficult to be specific without knowing the symptoms you are experiencing. generally speaking though, vibrations could result from engine problems or automotive issues elsewhere in your car—serious condition that should be addressed by a technician. other causes could come from relatively benign things like loss of tire pressure or improperly inflated tire, or more serious ones like bent wheels or suspension system failure–again, all these would need examination by professionals who know how to diagnose these sorts of problems on cars. if your shaking seems only periodically intermittent and it lasts for just a few seconds then this might not be an urgent problem-it may just require some careful observation later to see if the shaking

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