Car shudders when braking

the car will stop shivering when it has all its essential components in order!

why is my car shuddering when i brake?

a vehicle's shuddering during braking may be caused by brake problems such as worn-out pads, rotted discs, rotted drums, or a stretched-out belt. brake shudder is isolated to the front or back brakes and affects only one side of the steering wheel.

how do i stop my car shaking when i brake?

this may be a problem with your tire installation, brake pads, warped rotors, or your brake fluid.

possible explanations for the shaking could be due to the following:
-tire balance a tire that is imbalanced can cause a vibration in when this occurs this would need to be looked at by a professional. when tires are out of balance they will vibrate when spinning and it can lead them to wear down unevenly. tires have round weights on them called balancing spheres inside the wheel which help stabilize so when these weighing become unbalanced they can create vibrations not only from within their own wheel but also in nearby wheels enhancing noise and feel of vibration through out the car. some times spraying some

can wheel alignment cause vibration when braking?


paper clips on the brake rotors can cause vibrations. it's possible for heavy footed drivers to place too much load on their brakes and overheat them, potentially damaging them–in turn causing wheel vibration when braking. brake problems are more common in larger vehicles with drum or disc brakes. and let's not forget about potential driving conditions like driving up a steep slope, driving down a long hill, driving uphill for an extended period of time (bumps along the way) or downhill – these factors will all cause increased vibration that leads to wheel alignment issues. these are just some of the most common causes that lead to wheel alignment issues which lead to vibrations while braking; there may be others as well.

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