Car sputters when accelerating

It's possible your engine needs more air.

poor airflow into the intake manifold of engines can lead to a decrease in power and performance problems. the most likely cause for a poorly running engine is a loss of air flow, which could be due to clogged or partially clogged filters, faulty gaskets, valves that are leaking air, etc. this sort of problem usually leads to sputtering when accelerating and diminished gas mileage. if you need an inspection for this problem it might be advisable to consult with a mechanic such as your mechanic  or  your mechanic remote advisor  services so they can diagnose your driving issue and recommend options on what course of action would work best in addressing the issue

what causes a car to sputter when accelerating?

a car sputters when accelerating due to a number of possible factors.

many cars don't require much throttle input for optimal performance, so one explanation may be that the “rules” are different in this case. if this is the case, then there may not be enough juice (fuel) at start-up to continue accelerating until high rpms are reached; many modern cars with fuel injection don't actually need much gas at low rpms! hence it's also possible that you're trying to accelerate too aggressively without giving the engine enough time ot cycle through all cylinders. you can try increasing your acceleration slowly or turning off any unnecessary accessories to see if the problem persists before taking your vehicle into a mechanic.

how do i fix my car from sputtering?

this should be easy to fix. you might want to check the fuel tank and make sure it's whole and connected properly, ensure the gas cap is fastened tightly, and replace any bad spark plugs or car batteries. otherwise it could be a mistake in the carburetor that needs adjusting – if you're feeling brave you can find out how here: http://tinyurl.com/9gsppkx
good luck!

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can bad spark plugs cause sputtering?

yes. sputtering is an erratic or random change of driving conditions, it sounds like the engine is coughing and choking every now and then. coating of corrosion on spark plugs can cause sputtering under certain driving conditions (low rpm). consult a car mechanic for a better answer as i'm not a car expert.

what does a sputtering engine mean?

it's difficult to say exactly what a sputtering engine means, because it could be anything from a simple clogged fuel line to a major mechanical issue that needs to be addressed. typically when someone says their car is sputtering it usually sounds like they're driving in between gears when accelerating from stop.

the one sure way to fix the problem would be for an expert mechanic who can make sure there are no loose belts or clogged fuel lines, but if you must take the car in yourself the best thing to do would probably be call up your local service department and try describing your situation over the phone guard them off of any specific diagnostics information. chances are they will ask for basic things like odometer reading, amount of

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