Car stalls when braking

The reason your car stalls when braking can be many different things. the brakes may be too worn and that could cause the release of the cable, the brake lines could have any type of leak or corrosion that needs to be fixed, or it could just need a good cleaning and looking over for potential problems.
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it sounds like an issue with your hydraulic fluid which makes up about 80% of what causes pedal resistance in our brake linings when you step on them. this is why it's important to keep an eye out for leaking liquids when they are noticed.
if there are not visible leaks then there are some other components that are likely causing this problem including something in the master cylinder or slave cylinders

why does my car stall when i brake?

while there can be any number of reasons, typically this is because the breaks and clutch cables are poorly adjusted. adjusting them avoids wire scraping and slipping, which can cause a short in the system and result in intermittent power and even completely stopping. if you need help, call breakin99s or pep boys at 888-858-8321 to take care of it for you!

why do i lose power when i brake?

this is common

what causes an engine to stall at idle?

like all engines, an idle engine causes oscillations in the intake manifold.

the purpose of the throttle linkage is to allow for gentle or rough acceleration whilst leaving the throttle position unchanged. when an idle speed is selected, this linkage overrides the throttle to hold its desired position. but when engine load increases, hydraulic pressure overcomes gasoline pressure and this override fails at some point whereas with a jammed accelerator it will continue until completed returned to idle. the cycle then repeats itself as long as there is fuel available due to no resistance at low speeds or where permanent adjustment has been made by servo mechanism fitted over link rod end after lifting link off throttle shaft lever near carburetor float chamber.

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