Car vibrates when stopping

Non-technical person's guide to brakes

this is the more basic level of information, but suffice it to say that if your brakes are too tight you'll find they seize up more quickly. this will be especially true if the brakes are always being subjected to high speeds, which puts extra strain on them. so get them looked at by a professional, get some better brake pads for your vehicle or just go here and buy new ones, or something about it online? i assume you have children trying to fix this problem for themselves. as someone who has frantically tried and failed to do so in past years (don't worry about me), i don't think there's really any other solution in this case

why is my car vibrating when i stop?

typically when this vibration is persisting when you are pulling off, it can be traced back to two potential problems. the first one would be car-brake pads wearing out. if the car-brake pads are worn out enough, they will not provide for adequate braking between the wheel and the brake pad. when you need to apply the brakes in an emergency situation, this lack of contact will cause “called or pulsating brake squeal” noises which could result in the tire becoming detached from the wheel axel.

the second potential problem that can be identified is if your wheel/tires have been damaged by a curb or curb entry too many times without being professionally repaired. there's a chance there still may be

is it bad if my car shakes when i brake?

it is not necessarily bad if your car shakes when you brake, but it could be an indication of problems.

many car owners are unfamiliar with what can happen when they get their brakes checked. brakes pads wear down over time, and this leads to instability in the brake system that needs to be remedied or you will find yourself at higher risk for having an accident. some of the most common causes of shaking while braking include low fluid levels in the brake system, faulty calipers or bearings on rotors, warped rotors or uneven wear patterns on them (leading to rotor out-of-roundness), pad material worn off so it can't grip properly anymore, binding between piston inside caliper/piston inside disc that

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