Chevy is short for what automobile company name

It's short for chevrolet, or the chevrolet motor corporation.

the person who created the company (named louis chevrolet) chose it to be “short” like his name. so, even though it may seem longer than other car brands that accompany nouns, chevy isn't really any shorter than general motors or ford.

which company owns chevrolet?

general motors


are gm and chevy the same?

generally the answer is yes.

general motors and chevrolet both produce vehicles that can be either gas, hybrid, or electric. however, in some markets there are fuel-specific models of the same car produced by one company – for example in norway general motors make a saab model called “ampera” (also known as chevy volt), while chevroleft sell certain models such as spark and citröen make a few xm petrol cars like xsara picasso – but these last ones have not been imported to norway.

is chevy also chevrolet?

yes. this is due to the phonetic similarity between the two words in spanish, which is what chevy's founders intended (they were trying to reach an international audience).

pronunciation note: chevrolet is pronounced like “shel-uh-vull” in english; chevro-lite has a more french pronunciation, roughly like “shuhv-lihkht.”)
the history of chevrolet began with four brothers belonging to one of switzerland's wealthy families. when they went off on their own after emigrating from silesia in 1670, they wanted something distinctive so people would know them apart. so samuel became john, jacob became francis and christian became william for this purpose. the fifth brother

how did chevy get its name?

ricardo “chevy” was a man in the company, according to an online article. he was accidentally killed in 1921 by a fellow employee while he was napping or having his lunch break. when it came time to sell his old chevrolet that he previously drove for work, the stories of how he died had surfaced and they were too gruesome to make it saleable. a new car had been bought by the company at the time for top management but not given away when someone told them they can call it chevy instead – in honor of ricardo's legacy.

the story is likely urban legend since ‘chevy' is also used as slang term for american made cars (possibly coined because gm needed something to distinguish their lineup during ww

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