Clicking noise when starting car

That's not your imagination- it's real. it is really an amazing thing though! the sound you hear when starting a car is caused by the engine turning over and forcing oil inside the engine. this will happen every time you start your car, so don't worry – it won't fix itself!
sounds like this happen because of outdated or contaminated fuel filters. if your fuel filter becomes old and clogged up with little pieces of dirt and debris it can cause quite a racket when the engine starts up. talk to service about replacing your filter right away, we'll get that clicking noise taken care of for you in no time at all!”
“there are many reasons why one might experience this noise on their vehicle

when i try to start my car it just clicks rapidly?

when a car appears to be lifeless, there are a couple of things that you should always first check. if the battery is out of juice then it would not turn over and engages the starter into gear. start by checking this with a voltmeter to find that voltage or check for disconnected wires or corrosion on your connections.
if it's not corrosion or connectivity issues, another problem might also prostrate itself such as bad spark plugs, intake valves leaking fuel intake system clogged up debris in cylinders under compression, worn engine timing belt and faulty water pump among other wear and tear components.

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how do you know if its the alternator or battery?

sometimes it's difficult to diagnose because the symptoms of both problems are similar. a battery can go bad and look like an alternator issue. the best way is to change the battery, and if the problem persists then its likely that your alternator needs replacing.

if you need any help diagnosing what is wrong with your car, don't hesitate to reach out: we're always here for you!

is my starter bad if clicks?

it's possible that it's bad, but there are many reasons why starter might click.

the more frequently your starter starts to produce gas bubbles, the faster it spoils – so if you've noticed that your starter is producing bubbles on a daily basis for more than 4 or 5 days in a row, you'll want to do something about it! but even with the sound of clicking coming from our culture container on occasion, we can often continue stirring and feeding for months to come. here are some other factors that may be contributing: • temperature fluctuations – too hot or too cold can make your yeast stop working • lack of water – fresh water should be added every few days in small amounts • too much salt – starter should

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