Do you get the title when you finance a car

Yes, when you finance a car, the lender will give you a

yes, when you finance a car, the bank or dealership will provide documentation showing refinancing offers with your name listed. you can also request copies of this information directly from your lender. [4]

who holds the title of a financed car?

unfortunately, this question is outside the purview and expertise of

how do i get the title to my car?

you can't. forget about your car and get yourself a bicycle.

unless you're borrowing it from a friend temporarily, buying one, or having someone else buy one for you. unfortunately the only time the title would become yours and is when you register and license (if required) that vehicle in your name with dmv. at that point, you will be able to receive the title to show ownership at home. once you've done this procedure, filling out paperwork to sell is very simple since all of the interim information has been transferred over electronically. if something occurs during registration where transfer may not occur (whether they skipped “opt-in” selection or if their address had changed after submitting their application), contact dmv to fix any errors

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