How are car made

Traditionally, structural parts are assembled by being slotted onto welding studs projecting from one of either end of adjacent components, which are then joined together by use of an electric resistance spot welder while simultaneously applying pressure to achieve alignment and cause the joint to flow together seamlessly. the joint may also be fully welded before moving on to assembly if there

how a car is made step by step?

car manufacturing steps vary by manufacturer, but in general the process is broken down into four phases – planning and design, pricing and negotiation, engineering or technical architecture, and assembly.

planning begins with the idea for a new car model by someone in either the marketing department or at an automotive design studio. the concept is then drawn up in rough sketches which are then refined through computer aided drawings before finally becoming scaled blueprints. these blueprints are forwarded to engineers who review them for safety standards and also to determine how many units will be needed of each particular part part in order to keep costs down. they might also consult with suppliers like an engine company to make sure they have enough engines on hand if they need them later on

how is a car body made?

much like the process for forming a cake, a car body is typically made by pouring liquid steel into an open die mold. this investment casting process gaurantees that every car has the same high quality standard of steel and geometry throughout its structure

in addition to this, many modern cars undergo an additional surface hardening treatment called heat treatment or heat cooling to improve formability and weldability. in some cases it's also dipped in polyethylene glycol–a substance known as antifreeze. this penetrates the metal where it soon evaporates, leaving only peg behind as a wetting agent which improves paint adhesion and reduces corrosion during initial assembly. the end result? a beautifully finished product!

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