How did the automobile changed america

The automobile had an immediate effect on how people lived their lives. towns that didn't have running water or electricity soon found themselves needing it to power electric generators and to run water into town. states created laws about driving, speeding, weights of vehicles carrying things heavier than the vehicle driving on it, many were debated severely because no one had seen anything like this before.

if you wanted gas during world war ii you joined a waiting list called the “gas pool” with names drawn weekly by government officials at random so everyone got treated fairly in terms of who bought gas when rationing came early which was needed for fuel for airplanes and military vehicles. luckily most americans still think our idea of filling up your tank with gasoline is common sense …

how did the automobile industry change america?

the automobile became the dominant form of transportation in america, making cities denser and diminishing the need for people to live in central business districts.

the introduction of personal motor vehicles resulted in an enormous decrease in opportunity costs because it allowed people to work farther from their residences. this increased the number of housing choices available to workers, which led to a dramatic increase in residential segregation by income status. the near total reliance on cars also led many americans away from traditional forms of commuting such as bicycling or walking.

how did the automobile changed the world?

the automobile was one of the most influential inventions of the 20th century and drastically changed how we live, work and do business. this invention revolutionized convenience because you could travel farther without having to walk or depend on others for transportation. it also brought down prices in goods because it could bring goods from factories to stores more efficiently than trains and wagons. automobiles also helped increase living standards by enabling people to live in houses further away from cities that couldn't support a train line or major roads. they even decreased unemployment rates by stimulating a larger workforce which builders, mechanics, drivers, etc., not just managers and executives(1)

this wasn't all glamorous however; while there were many positive implications for society due to automobiles their

what are 3 ways the automobile changed american life?

1. the automobile created a need for better policies around public safety, traffic regulation, and road planning. road fatalities are significantly higher in the us than they are in canada due to these problems being so difficult to fix when you have so many people driving.
2. unlike railroads, automobiles are easily destroyed by natural disasters which has forced the country to rethink its policies on everything from insurance transparency to disaster preparedness.
3. cars can't use some highways at certain times of day or be taxed based on miles driven unlike trains–a system that would require an entirely new infrastructure just for cars while also creating more travel time issues near cities where space is smaller and public transportation is more common–which means car-based transportation requires

how did the automobile changed american life in the 1950s?

the automobile changed america in the 1950s because it made it easier for people to work. cars allowed them to travel more easily between locations at their jobs, and also enabled american families with children who attended several schools to live farther away, giving them more time with their family during weekends or holidays.
therefore, the average length of a typical commute was cut down by about 60%! this made life easier on everyone – especially parents – because not only did they spend less time commuting in their cars; many can save money due to lower petrol expenses.
male drivers saw the biggest benefit when escaping the hassles of traffic jams and enjoying smoother roads without potholes or railway crossings.
this period contributed greatly in strengthening one

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