How did the automobile changed american life

The automobile has changed american life in many ways.

first, the automobile has contributed to significant changes in economic patterns and practices by altering the nature of related industries-among them, food, clothing, hotels. second, traveling more efficiently–as well as being able to reap the benefits of being home more often–transformed family values and roles within it. thirdly, americans discovered new recreational interests with car travel-from bird watching to flying kites on saturday afternoons. fourthly, interpersonal dynamics have changed with automobiles due to increased reliance on personal space buffers that create psychological separation between people in cars during social interactions. finally-and perhaps most profound–the use of public transportation (especially streetcars) declined rapidly since

what was the impact of the automobile on american life?

the automobile has both positively and negatively impacted american life. some of the positive impacts of the car on american culture include convenience, development of industry reliant on transportation, more mobility for americans with better access to jobs who live in rural areas or small towns, and increased independence among the working-class due to personal use of cars.

some of the negative impacts that occur because automobiles are placed above public transit systems is that public transportation systems have become destitute while some cities increase their dependence on cars. lack of adequate public transit options also leads to an increase in traffic congestion and pollution rates with resulting air quality. increased vehicle accidents with greatly reduced road safety is yet another negative impact caused by automobiles which destroys communities with greater involvement from police officers enforcing

how did the automobile change life?

this is difficult to answer in one sentence, but the automobile can be said to have changed life in terms of how it placed people ‘mobile', economically, socially, and politically. it gave freedom to access new ideas and opportunities, but also resulted in dehumanising living conditions when apartments built for single families were divided into individual rooms for rent by auto workers who needed a place to live. automobiles are now glorified pieces of design – with laquered pieces of leather or chrome used only on the dashboard areas – with high gas costs, low resale values due to short-lived technology innovation with constant upgrades offered at regular intervals. but they are still cars that craze with people today. as an editor at motor trend magazine

what are 3 ways the automobile changed american life?

(1) the car made it possible for people and products to traverse long distances with ease. (2) cars became a status symbol; new jobs were created as cars began making their way into american homes. (3) freeing up families from long commutes, the presence of automobiles allowed americans to live further away from each other and become more spatially homogenized as neighborhoods blended together via automobile use.
a brief history on the automobile: the rise of automobiles brought about vast socio-cultural changes in america by bringing mobility to those who didn't have any before and playing a crucial role in shaping what would come to be known as suburbia and urban sprawl throughout urban environments. automobiles also managed to change

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