How did the automobile impact american society

The automobile’s economic and social impact can be felt today in a number of ways. it has allowed people to travel farther from their homes for work, leisure, or the purchase of goods. this led to an increased need for suburb development that contrasts with urban centers. the car also quadrupled the capacity of cities by facilitating more freight shipments within them, leading to more sprawling land use patterns and increased sprawl on interstates. factoring in both health care costs and accidents caused by cars factored in lost workforce productivity, the united states spends roughly $110 billion per year on automobiles-related expenditures.

what impact did the automobile have on america?

the automobile had an absolutely phenomenal impact on america; there are some who say it's taken away from america's outdoor spirit.
when the car was first introduced, people were getting around on bicycles or horseback. bikes can't ride across long distances while horses require vast amounts of space–there was literally no way to make the bicycle or horse convenient enough to live with in this new automotive world. buildings also needed to be designed differently – eventually skyscrapers come about because of taller doors opening horizontally so cars could get in and out, wide streets from sidewalk to sidewalk so drivers could see what they're doing too, and parking lots tucked away off the outside so everything isn't crammed together. in essence, all aspects of life became

how did the automobile impact american society in the 1920s?

before the advent of the automobile, most people had to rely on public transportation or their own feet for travel. automobiles changed all that by facilitating travel for millions who had never done so before. this led to more jobs in manufacturing and thanks to new roads, generating greater mobility across society as a whole. as america’s love affair with cars continues today, it is important not only to reflect on the benefits but also the impacts this innovation has had on our country since its introduction decades ago.

how did the automobile affect society?

the automobile has a profound impact on our society. it has brought mobility to the masses and given a population of work opportunities without limitations.

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what was the impact of the automobile on american life quizlet?

the automobile had a large impact on american life in the early 20th century, with numerous benefits and downsides. in brief, it originally allowed for greater independence but eventually gave rise to suburban living. the downside is that it also led to increased pollution levels and decreased public transit use, both of which have been shown to be deleterious to health. but since the recent focus has been on the last few years in america, not so much about how it impacted people way back when, then i'm not sure if i can do anything helpful here. sorry!

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