How did the automobile shaped american housing quizlet

You may not know it, but the invention of the automobile changed housing dramatically in this country. the introduction of cars meant people moved further away from their jobs and families, which led to a need for shopping malls, gas stations and restuarants. the invention also transformed cities into vehicles designed around vehicles – something that was never done before.
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how did the automobile shape us housing?

the shape of the automobile has in many ways shaped the suburban landscape. in order to have a home in a desirable neighborhood, for instance, families began buying plots of land far outside the city and built houses with wide lots so they could park two cars in their garage. the demand for prime real estate has led to upwards trends in house prices that have been highest in areas near major highways or other lucrative commuting routes.

what impact did the automobile have on the american economy quizlet?

for the first time in us history, most americans could live beyond walking distance from most of their daily needs thanks to the automobile. farmers were able to sell their agricultural goods many more miles away, workers commuted farther distances for work, and merchants could build larger stores with less fear of being wiped out by a competitor moving closer. cars allowed people with different income levels to live side-by-side without any major social stigma – this diversity led to more cultural mixing which made america stronger as a nation

which of the following effects did the automobile have on american life quizlet?

the automobile had profound effects on american life.

it brought an increase in mobility that quickly allowed for people to live outside of the city, instead they could find work or start a farm anywhere. it also allowed goods made elsewhere to be transported more easily, which helped with industrialization and economic growth. it may have given rise to suburbia as well because development was so close to transportation lines. finally it created the physical need for highways which caused many obstacles for travelers including tolls and long roads, but also led to great improvements in interstate systems with traffic laws, marked lanes for different types of travel, infrastructure repair crews available 24/7 by phone. some argue this is bad economic policy because cars are externalizing problems at social expense

how did the automobile change architecture quizlet?

the automobile was one of the first technologies to allow people to travel and work and find things outside their hometown and its commuter outskirts. it increased population by connecting more people together.
it has also reshaped how we look at cities, as business districts grew up around train stations, because it became possible for those businessmen to commute from their homes in one area to work in another without having to live out of town due as they do now.
jobs were never confined by distance; instead we communicate with each other more easily than ever before.
finally, the car has shaped many towns into “bedroom communities” where workers can spend half a day driving back and forth between home and work (and not be too tired).

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