How did the spread of the automobile transform the united states

The spread of the automobile transformed the united states in many ways. the dramatic spread of cars meant that people could transport themselves into city centers, which spawned new construction like skyscrapers and more suburban development. cars allowed for commuters to get further away from work, leaving more space between worker's residences and their jobs. perhaps most significantly of all, more affordable cars mean that individuals do not need to rely on surface transportation networks like streetcars or trains as much as before – transforming the age-old relationship between people and those operating those systems.

how did the automobile changed america?

the automobile changed america by making it possible for americans to explore their own country, by opening up the west, and the highways became more than just a system of transportation corridors.

the american association of state highway officials designated 54 “national organizing districts” on november 11, 1926. these districts are contiguous geographical regions, each consisting of approximately three states. the purpose was to provide an organization framework for planning new roads in sparsely populated areas of low economic value without creating obstacles to neighboring active commerce areas.
today's highway network helped connect farmers looking for jobs with jobs next door or across state lines that were too far away to walk to before the invention of the car. adequate roadways allowed communities in oregon grow

how did automobiles change american life in the 1950s?

the impact automobiles had on america in the 1950s is two-fold. first, it allowed for a huge increase in connectivity across the country with various modes of transportation becoming widely popular including air travel and freight by train or truck. secondly, it dramatically increased access to personal freedom and lifestyle options for americans with education levels surging too.
had they not experienced this level of freedom, americans would have undoubtedly been jealous of citizens from soviet russia for their ability to do what they please without an overarching governing body controlling every aspect of their lives. as a result, it helped enable a continental identity that united northern and southern states together in both feeling joy for being so fortunate as well as guilt from noticing the struggles faced by others around them -not just

how did mass production of the automobile impact america?

without the mass production of cars, we would not be able to enjoy things like cheap and fast road transportation; we would be reliant on trains and buses (which are slower and more expensive), and public transportation (which is even slower). that said, there are some negative aspects of this as well. for example, getting rid of all of those horses meant that they started to overgraze land which led to erosion of the soil, creating dust bowls in some areas. one such dust bowl was called the great american desert.
another drawback is that because of cheap car prices due to mass production methods such as henry ford's assembly line method – where parts were assembled by workers who moved them either up an incline along a convey

how did the automobile industry transform america quizlet?

automobiles were a technology that transformed many aspects of american life. the automobile companies employed a large number of workers, and the design and advertising of their products had major impacts on americans' participation in certain activities.

automobile production was another important industry for detroit after it lost its place as america's industrial center due to the great depression, “tightening international trade policies” (world book). in this way, automobiles helped to make america great again. but according to world book, “instead of being built from individual firms…[automobiles] became increasingly made from one firm.” this increase also occurred because a firm could mass produce a car more cheaply than an individual company could build cars one at a time. lastly, automobile

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