How do i get my car out of anti theft mode?

Step 1: make sure that the mykey® feature is disabled and that sync® radio is set to “max volume” and “all audio”.

step 2: bring your key fob with you and remotes for identification. have also available an original title, registration card, or temporary license plate (preferably not a child safety one).

the vehicle will now read the signal from the security features such as remote start. once your car scans those items it can be unlocked by placing them very close to interior vehicle sensors, usually near the driver's side door handle. if these items cannot be seen or accessed then consider requesting help from our technicians: 877-770-0790 (toll

how do i get my car out of theft mode?

you need to have a disabled key that matches your car's immobilizer system in order to get the fault cleared.
call your automaker and go through steps to clear fault with them.
if you're still having issues, contact a service center for further assistance.
if you've replaced the key and handle purchase from an authorized dealer, you might want to tell them about this situation – if it's found on their end their customer is entitled to a replacement or handle purchase credit back at no charge (in most cases).
honda has special valet programming available for their customers for such instances where they forget where they put the keys; but again only when purchased from an authorized dealer.”


how do i get my car out of anti theft mode without remote?

these instructions are to be used if you cannot locate or contact the owner of your car. you will need to enter the car and do these steps on the touch screen. keep in mind, without any valuable information like a registration, there is no way for toyota service to bypass this message on their end.
give it some time- the first thing you can try is turning off your anti-theft system by following these steps here
use an object outside- if that doesn't work, you can attempt to turn it back off from outside by locating a metal object – preferably a key – and trying it out around the keyhole next to the driver's seat. this may activate a switch which will allow you access without

will disconnecting battery reset anti theft?

it is very unlikely that battery disconnection will reset the anti-theft mode. the only ways to reset the security system are to either use an authorized remote control or insert a special code into the vehicle's key ignition.

how do you know if your car is in anti theft mode?

in this situation, an easy way to know if your car is in anti-theft mode is to simply push the key fob button a few times and see what happens. if it activates a flashing red light, then you're probably in anti-theft mode.
caution: if there's no response from the vehicle, it may be that you've lost your power or vehicle battery has been discharged. in some cases, remote access can resume via mobile app by pressing ‘start' as an exception condition as well as checking whether “now remote start” option is checked for desired options.

it may also be possible your keyfob's batteries have been depleted of charge making the key not operational with ignition operation

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