How does an automobile blinker make the sound that it makes

The method was introduced by george simons, a us patent clerk in 1937. he told the associated press in 1962 that he “simply tapped his finger on a car's horn button and got the idea from the sound.”

in automobiles, there is an electric switch that when activated, goes to low to ground then high to ground again. this completes a circuit from one side of the steering column lockout relay through various other components (such as headlamp filaments) until it returns back into neutral starting position near teh ignition lock knob. a grounding wire runs all of this length and hooks up with ground between for different functions (like indicating hazards). it is probably not too far fetched to imagine this wire somehow touching horn

what makes the blinker sound?

all blinkers work on the same principle, regardless of their external configuration. the sound is created because when the car drives over bumps in the road, the driver's side (l) or front (f) indicator switch will hit against an arm that stretches across to the passenger's side (r). this will toggle a relay that connects current to solenoid packs located either in each trunk lid or under the bumper. the relays are connected to both sides of a 12-volt dc battery causing them to turn on and off. the turning on and out makes a buzzing noise as it presses tightly into a contact point which then triggers a contactor coil which creates a magnetic field that pulls an armature down with pressure from two

where does the car blinker sound come from?

if your blinker/hazard light is blinking rapidly, then it may be that one of the blinker bulbs has burned out. if you're hearing a sound with the rapid blinking and it's not an intermittent whirring (which can also happen) then it will be coming from inside your car. cars always have some type of buzzer or alarm system to indicate things like low oil levels so i'd probably say the continued sound is triggering some kind of warning . another possibility would be if there had been an entry in the event log indicating a signal error for this peripheral and as such the system prompts itself on startup until communication can re-establish. this post could help you out with that issue: https://community.h

how does a turn signal blinker work?

the turn signal blinker will be inserted mechanically into the interior of the steering column. the wiring harness for this will be available with dealership parts. there is a single switch on top of the dash to activate the turn signal, and a light bar illuminating either left or right circular arrow graphics that indicates which side is going to blink.

if more detail is wanted, a technician can elaborate on the electronic signaling necessary for proper function.
a car blinking its lights at you means they are turning out of his lane and wants your consent before doing so, but if it only blinks briefly then he's telling you “nice driving”.

do all car indicators make noise?

generally, car indicators emit an audible sound when activated.

noisy signs are distracting and annoying for drivers around you; this is the main reason to use them only when necessary. there are types of noiseless signals that can be activated by turning on your turn signal or putting your head-lights on (or using something like sync'n turned). these signals don't make excessive noise for other drivers but can still be noticed at far distances.

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