How is the rise of the automobile an example quizlet

The rise of the automobile is an example quizlet. there are so many examples on quizlet about cars, some with custom images.

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how is the rise of the automobile an example of technology affecting attitudes or value?

the car is a clear example of how technology affects people's attitudes.

the car was meant to be seen as the solution for every need. it would make it easier to move goods and people, more efficient than horses or bicycles, while also seeming like an extension of one's own will. but the reality is vastly different. cars clog highways; they cause pollution; they alienate individuals from their communities by removing them from storefronts and sidewalks that were once populated with pedestrians; cars are expensive–normal american families spend 4% on transportation what western europeans spend (even after adjusting for costs in each country); pedestrians are endangered because making drivers stop at crosswalks is not sufficient protection when there are dozens of oncoming cars speeding

what was the impact of the automobile on american life quizlet?


auto-mobility changed america for three reasons:

first, that it satisfied the american need to move. our industrious population was not content with wanting what they had seen on tv or visiting neighboring areas of their state. they wanted more. this permanence in our country led to the concept of taming the frontier, leading us to push into mountain ranges and plains that were once considered unconquerable. the automobile made this possible by taking people further away from their home without losing mobility. regarding vernacular architecture, this is why you will usually find vernacular homes located along main roads which serve as transportation corridors between townships or hamlets separated by natural barriers like rivers or mountain ranges it also created unprecedented

what impact did the automobile have on the american economy quizlet?

the car allowed for a huge migration of people to america, considering that there were no other reliable forms of transportation at the time. this enabled agriculture to develop explosively in america, which led to shifts in resources towards higher-quality goods – providing more money for businesses and employees alike.

the automobile affected the american economy by creating an even playing field for small farms all across america, creating new jobs to provide an endless supply of food lives alongside the need for better sources of fuel. additionally, recreational activities became accessible to all americans with this invention, giving them more control over their leisure time.

how did the growth of the automobile industry after ww1 change the united states economy?

in the united states, most of the early automobile manufacturers were located in the midwest. as a result, most of the early american automotive designers and engineers were also from this region. these companies were initially capitalized with funds from an east coast investment firm which sought to position itself as a trustee for overseas manufacturing interests.
both henry ford and walter chrysler demonstrated a focus on designing cars that could carry six passengers, with chrysler’s efforts resulting in creations such as his signature imperial car line. another important factor during all this evolution was that different brands had been registered as subsidiaries of different holding companies, each owned by an america industrialist who depended on temporary alliances to do business.

in time, as these nominally separate firms merged

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