How long can a car sit without being driven

There are many factors to consider in this answer, but the main ones are how well you maintain your car and what type of vehicle you have.

for example, if you were driving a bmw with nearly new tires before it was stolen, then five months is an appropriate amount of time for the average driver under normal conditions. however, if your tires needed replacing and you didn't get them done due to financial reasons or reasons out of your control such as losing your job…then two years might be more apt for an approximation on when negligence would really start to be felt. the best way is just not sitting there any longer than you need to and running it periodically so that both fuel and brakes doesn't go bad due to lack

how long should a car sit without being driven?

it's a good idea to change the engine oil every 30,000 miles and check your tire pressure at least once a month even if you're not driving.
this will ensure that your car is ready for when you need it next.

is it bad to not drive a car for a long time?

it is not bad for your driving skills to not drive a car for a long time. however, it's still bad if you do it too much; driving is something that should be done at least once every three months.

however, one of the reasons why people like to use their cars less often than advised is because they sometimes find the costs associated with operating a vehicle (purchase price, gas prices) or with owning one (insurance rates) prohibitively expensive. some variables may also include how reliant each driver usually feels on their mode of transportation relative to other modes of transportation in the area, and whether they feel comfortable enough using alternative modes of public transit where available.

what happens if you don't drive your car for a while?

the battery will gradually lose power and may accept a charge for a shorter period of time if left alone. this causes the flow of electricity to slow down substantially, which can cause other mechanical parts to stop working. corrosion on the battery's terminals may also increase over time, making it difficult for any charger or car cigarette lighter socket to electrically contact them. if left unattended, the battery could become unusable. taking your car into a service center periodically is an excellent way to avoid this situation.

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