How long do car tires last

According to the tire rack, drive tires should last about 18,000 to 40,000 miles (29,000 to 64,000 km), depending on driving style and other factors. this means drivers could get around 11 years out of their car tires according to these tire experts. keep in mind that warranties may vary by brand and manufacturer so be sure to do your research before committing.
overall lifespan is affected by many factors including driving style and conditions while the age will affect how often you need new tires or changes in the model bias factor come into play when manufacturers are introducing new tire designs. the rubber manufacturers association says that regardless of tread life or any other type of warranty issues with your tires it's important for drivers take

how many miles a tire should last?

most tires are designed to last anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 miles depending on the type of tire.

* some types of tires are designed to last longer than others, so it will depend on what type you purchase and how long your commute is. tires that have a lower tread depth will also typically need to be replaced before higher tread depths because they're not meant for the elements. if you drive only in good weather and take care of your car – then you'll probably get at least 50k out of them without issue! if you live in a region with rain and snow however…you might want to invest in two sets so one can stay dry while the other gets all muddy and salty outside! (*h

how often should tires be replaced?

there are no industry-standard guidelines for changing tires, so it is important to use an answer that reflects the vehicle's tire mileage. as a general rule of thumb, tires need to be replaced after six years of service or 50,000 miles on high-speed driving surfaces. this interval can be decreased to three years or 36,000 miles on low-speed driving surfaces.

the problem with this answer is that there are many variables including terrain condition and driving habits that play into this equation. a better question than “how often should tires be replaced?” would include what type of care the car has received in its lifespan (regular oil changes vs never? regular filters?), how it has been driven (low speed city commute

why do new car tires wear out so fast?

there are a number of factors as to why new car tires wear out so quickly. one is that there is excessive heat from braking, especially if the breaks are ineffective or drivers overuse them. another factor is the use of petroleum-based materials in tire construction which leave old rubber at a faster rate because these types of materials break down faster. a third factor, and this one might sound sacrilegious, may be that people do not properly inflate their tires after purchasing a new set. if buyers don't put enough air into their tires when they buy them, they'll start to go soft with time.”

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