How long is the average car

The length of the average car is 16.5 feet long, but this can vary depending on whether it is a sedan or an suv. the width of the vehicle ranges between 73 and 77 inches wide. doors on cars are typically hinged at the back with handles that can pull or push open, but there are other styles as well. cars have windows so you can see out of them and lights to be visible at night for safety reasons. lastly, cars have bumpers to protect you from other drivers' mistakes so they don't drive into your car during collisions or your car doesn't drive into theirs if their brakes suddenly stop working while you're driving behind them on a very busy road.

how long is an average car length?

it all depends on the type.

if we're talking about traditional cars, then the answer is 20 to 25 feet long. if we're talking about electric self-driving cars, then that can be shortened significantly since those types of cars have been found to be more compact. in either case though, shorter cars take up less space and cause less accidents. hopefully someday soon they'll actually come out with an adequate amount of lanes so traffic becomes safer!

how long is the average suv?

the average suv is around 80 inches, more or less.

though the exact measurements vary from make of vehicle to make of vehicle, this ranges between 6.5 and 7.3 feet long for thousands on the market over about 230 years of production history. this means that even given two vehicles with identical heights, it's possible for one be shorter but more squat while another could be taller but more stretched out because they represent different lengths in how we measure suvs in feet instead just in units like centimeters or inches which would provide a different result depending on what units we're using when we measure how big an suv is – in this case just in upright units like both inches and feet and not in metric units like centimeters which would also

how much feet is a car length?

it varies depending on the country. for example in the uk, it's about 5.6 feet or 1.7 metres while in america, it's about 11.8 feet or 3 metres

wow! a new user asked an interesting question! i had honestly never given thought to how the length of a car might vary depending on where you're driving (pun intended), but apparently there are some significant differences across international boundaries! interestingly, both countries use the imperial system for measurement; based on my research into this topic, that means that uk drivers measure distance in inches instead of meters (we americans notoriously insisted on using this system up until last year). so what does this mean? seriously? well for one thing, every time someone

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