How long should i warm up my car

This is a tough question and there is nothing absolutely wrong with taking your foot off the brake and warming up your car. however, i would definitely caution against starting and stopping and spraying/engaging (some call them “binge starting”) as that can lead to screen failures due to the torque limiter system. it looks like most people recommend around four minutes of driving time before you shut it off for five minutes or more after idling.
on average, anywhere from three to seven minutes of continuous driving (with at least 30 seconds of idle time between drive cycles) should be considered a safe warm up period for any engine type, but shorter lengths of about one minute are typically used on some engines where

is it bad to warm up your car?

it's not bad to warm up your car; it can actually be helpful in certain situations.
although warming up a car before driving is not technically required, it can help save fuel and make for smoother rides. the process starts when the vehicle's battery and electronics “wake up” and provides power to the starter (usually after 20-30 seconds). placing an idling engine under load creates heat that may take some time to dissipate from the engine, especially if it has been sitting idle for an extended period of time. you won't see much of a rise in temperature until the lubricating oils reaches between 150°f (65°c) to 160 degrees f (71 °c) – this usually takes 10 minutes or

what happens when you don't warm up your car?

if you don't warm up your car, you're going to have a greater risk of not just a flat tire but also engine failure.

so this is really simple. heat! warms things up. like the oil in the engine and everything else too, or it gets cold and doesn't function as well with all those parts now iced over with water from freezing air temperature outside the vehicle… now coolant from radiator is now iced over too because it can't handle those temps anymore either– your car may stop completely before reaching a destination that's a few miles away, with an icy landscape if that includes mountains or hills. and then you're stranded with life-threatening conditions where someone might die if they

how long should you let your car warm up at?

the average range for warming up a car before driving is 15-30 minutes. the best thing you can do for your engine is to drive it regularly and at varying speeds, but periodically warming it up before driving will ensure that the gasoline completely combusts, giving the engine long life.

is it bad to drive your car cold?

it is bad to drive your car cold.

first of all, it's true that you can put a car in motion and it will do fine for some time and the first miles traveled on an engine are primarily used for breaking in the engine. but there is always a point where an internal combustion engine needs good lubrication and cooling before the next run, and using it without the necessary fluids will just damage its piston rings or worse.
a running engine heats up both its cylinder walls as well as its pistons by around 100 degrees fahrenheit every minute of operation, so if overheating happens too often, then eventually those parts will be permanently damaged. furthermore, gases packing tightly together means more rapid wear on surfaces rubbing against each other

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