How long to charge dead car battery

can a completely dead battery be recharged?


there is no resurrection for a cell completely “healed” (dead). fully depleting and recharging after the battery dies permanently damages it. always make sure not to forget your phone on when you fly or this can happen! 🙁
some people even think that you should let dead batteries die; when in reality, they will only last until about 80-90% of their capacity before they are fully depleted. as mentioned above, however, whether or not it is worth the risk depends highly on factors such as how old your current battery is etc… but do not worry too much because there are many cheaper alternatives to buying new batteries if one becomes damaged beyond cost effective repair. so just get yourself a portable charger that

how long does a car have to run to charge a dead battery?

the depth of your battery will determine how long it will take to charge.

6 months to 1 year of driving should be enough to bring a battery back up 100%, unless it's just been sitting in the garage unused for an extended period of time. if your car has not driven more than 20 miles (32 kilometers) per month, then it may not take long at all. deep-cycle batteries are designed for this kind of cycling in mind, and can suffer less damage in extreme cases – but this doesn't mean you need to make them endure agony on the road when they really don't need to!

the best thing is prevention; if you want something that will require

how long does it take to jump a completely dead battery?

it takes about 10 minutes to jump a car battery completely. most cars need the alternator and starter working at full capacity before they can charge the electric system because their primary power source is the engine, not an electrical outlet. usually, jumping a discharged battery connects only the couple of terminal posts inside – one clamp on each post – and passing heavy current through those terminals using jumper cables will generate enough voltage to light up all other circuits in the short term until this energy is depleted and won't restart anything other than lights and other low loads for even a minute or two. so as long as your car needs those few extra minutes worth of charge to fire up due to poor battery condition (which these days means it's probably got acid

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