How long to drive car to charge battery

Regardless of car, unplugging your car for a night is usually sufficient to charge the battery.

the average automobile battery only holds roughly a day's worth of electricity without driving it, and a full charge usually takes 10-14 hours or more. so it may be worthwhile to shut off your charger before going to bed at night – this will save you from wasting electricity on top of not recharging exclusively overnight. in any case, if you leave your vehicle plugged in outside for more than 15 minutes after the engine has been turned off, if can drain your battery which could lead to fires or worse yet – setting yourself up with an otherwise unusable piece of property.
if you do need a quicker recharge on the go,

how long does a car battery take to charge while driving?

there are many variables to consider when determining the answer to this question. generally, most driving conditions will rely on an alternator charging the battery at a slow rate. however, if you drive with your lights or radio on there can be an accelerated rate of charging. on average, most battery chargers take 12 hours for a full charge but it could vary depending on how much is used by heavy electrical loads during driving. the charge time can increase significantly due to cold weather and undercharging batterys that aren't taken care of properly.”

so i believe that 12 hours is long enough for one car ride (typically less than 100 km). but some drivers put longer distances between their stops like long-haul truckers who make

do car batteries charge while idling?

cold starts are the most draining on car batteries, which make it difficult for them to retain their charge. so when looking at your car battery health, you would want to look at times like these. if your battery is old and losing power more quickly than expected, you could try warming your engine before driving (this takes 5-10 minutes). you could always invest in a newer battery that can better withstand starting without needing much internal warmth to fire up.
a lot of people know this already which is why they turn off their lights and take out their key whenever stopping for longer than five minutes during the winter months (usually 9am – 4pm). they do not want the engine idling all day unnecessarily because it will

do i need to drive my car around to charge the battery?

you can charge your car battery without driving around by connecting the cables connecting to the car battery that are included with the battery charger.

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