How long to recharge car battery after jump

As long as you can avoid running your car's engine, it should be safe to charge the battery using jumper cables without causing permanent harm to the battery.

the best method for charging a flat or dead-parked car battery is to use a charger specifically made for the purpose. if this option isn't available, take care not to run your vehicle so long that it drains down completely because doing so may actually damage your alternator and leave you with other serious problems. the first option would likely fix any remaining problem, meaning no other repair would be needed besides recharging.

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how long does it take to charge car battery after jump?

it takes between 20 minutes and an hour to fully charge a battery. the battery will be charged in a shorter time if the current is higher and in a longer time if the current is lower. if you have hooked up your jumper cable wrong, make sure you've hooked it up correctly before charging the car battery.
a 12v charger will need 10 amperes of power to supply 12 amperes of output or 120 watts per hour at 12 volts for this example. so, with 10 amps on one side and zero amps on the other side which looks like drawing 60 watts from the wall it would take 10/120 of that or 5 minutes to provide 122 volts just by using brute force.

do car batteries charge while idling?


the alternator charges the car battery when the engine is running, but if you are idling for a long time, it can't supply enough current to keep charging the battery at its normal rate. so during extended idling periods, make sure to turn on your headlights and/or turn on an accessory that requires power to continue charging your battery. 1-2 hrs of coach level ambience should be enough time for the alternator to charge up again, then you can shut off your lights or other accessories 1-2 hours before turning off your engine.

how far do you need to drive to charge a car battery?


a car battery can be charged about 25 miles per hour of charge. connecting the charger to the car will only provide about 10-12 miles for each hour, so keep that in mind if you're not too far from home. most electric vehicles are powered through an onboard charging station verses traditional charging station, but be sure to ask your local experts for more specific guidance.

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