How many automobile deaths per year in the us

average automobile deaths per year in the usa is about 37,000 people. the greatest cause of death is not drunk driving but instead suvs and pickup trucks – only one-third of passenger vehicles are suvs or pickup trucks. around 630 children were killed by cars this year, that's an average 2 kids every day.

how many car deaths in the us each year?

traffic deaths is a difficult question

traffic is the leading cause of death for those between ages 5 and 24, and ~36,200 lives were lost per year to traffic incidents in 2010. attempting to answer this question would require examining police reports on traffic-related incidents involving both drivers and passengers, as well as assessing how consistent they are with data from other safety organizations (vmt estimations and fars).

this is a tough one with no clear answer. the best we can do right now is just try to eliminate issues that skew the statistics away from what most people would expect. for example with children between the age of six and twelve most will likely say less than 1000/yr but more than 500/

how many car deaths in the us each year cdc?

according to the centers for disease control and prevention, there are about 37,000 car-related deaths each year.

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