How many automobile vehicle dealership in iowa 2015

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how many cars do dealerships have?

it varies from one dealership to the next.

some dealerships have a leaner inventory, which can be less expensive for them because they have less costs when it comes to storage and upkeep. other dealerships may operate in areas where the volume of customers is high enough that a larger number of vehicles just makes sense. depending on your needs, you'll want to shop around at different dealerships and find what's going work best for you!

how many cars can you sell in iowa without a dealers license?

iowa law grants an exemption to this rule for licensed auto dealers.

iowa code 321.524 allows any licensed automobile dealer who holds a valid iowa department of transportation certificate or license to sell or offer for sale, or display for examination at the location where the car is kept, any new car within thirty days after delivery of said car from its manufacturer. this exemption includes being exempt from being required to have a dealer's license.

how many cars does an average dealership sell?

there is no “average” dealership and there is no set number of cars that a dealer sells either. dealerships each handle different brands or models, which means their numbers vary depending on the vehicles they offer.

as such, this answer does not apply to you because we do not know who you are, nor what type of car you want to buy. i suggest searching for information related to your specific needs. have a great day!

what car dealership has sold the most cars?

there are five car companies who have sold more than 100 million cars to date.

-if you look at the statistics, general motors has sold the most worldwide with 171 million cars sold – nearly three times as many as toyota (66 million).
-you can find out more information on this at business insider.
-excluding motorcycle manufacturers like honda and harley davidson, here's a list of car companies that have sold more than 100 million cars to date; gm, peugeot citroen group, renault group, toyota motor corporation.
section 1: toyota usa is currently ranked 15th domestically in automobile sales by units with 571k units delivered for 2016. this statistic comes from automotive news usa's ranking

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