How many miles a year on a car

i have no idea how many miles are on my car because it's an old vehicle that i only use to commute to school and work. it's just not worth taking care of anymore.
however, the epa estimates that the average driver travels 12,000 miles per year (86,000 total). if your driving habits match up with those of others in the us then this number provides a rough estimate of your yearly mileage- though heavier or lighter drivers would need to adjust their estimate accordingly. you can also use our mpg calculator to find out your current fuel efficiency and track it over time: https://www.fueleconomy.gov/mp

how many miles should a car have per year?

the preferred miles per year range is 10-12,000. this helps keep a car in its best condition and is an easy way to save money.

if a manufacturer says that the average annual distance for their vehicles under regular urban driving conditions is 60,000 miles, it's reasonable to assume this covers drivers who use their cars sparingly rather than those who drive them often. in order to avoid higher repair costs in the future from more frequent trips from various traffic violations delivered by higher mileage vehicles with less current care, it's best to stick within a realistic yearly mileage limit of 10-12,000 miles each year.

is 15000 miles a year a lot?

it depends. what is your driving style like? do you take long commutes and stop and go traffic, or do you drive long distances on the highway at high speed? how many hours per day do you spend driving? an average driver in the united states drives about 12000 miles a year with 5000 of those miles being on highways. so yes, 15000 miles a year can be considered to put one in the “average” category. to have an actual guess as to how this compares with other lifestyles, it would be helpful to know about your lifestyle habits.

#government agencies will typically require record keeping for various reasons related to mileage when someone is “self employed” in an industry that requires them

is 30k miles a year a lot?

i'm not sure what country you're living in, but 30,000 miles a year is a lot for any driver. if you're driving at an average speed of 60 mph, that's about 1.2 trillion meters per year! if your driver's salary is $30/hour and that equals to 32 hours a week or 128 hours a month then it would take 20 weeks to make 40k. that means 8 months of work before the first bonus check comes in. it also means more stop-offs meaning less time driving and less money made for gas and maintenance expenses which can be costly if no one helps to contribute with those expenses or food/weight gain from too much junk as well as increased chance of getting into

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