How many miles can a car last

It depends on how much someone drives, where they drive and what kind of car they're driving. the average lifespan of a traditional american passenger vehicle is 12 years with about 45000 miles traveled in that period.

vehicle longevity can be defined by the following equation:
where the price per mile (the cost to travel one mile, $/mile) is determined by multiplying the vehicle's fuel efficiency [(miles-per-gallon)/.33] or gas mileage, and the estimated lifetime mileage for a particular model. for instance, say you've got a popular middle class sedan rated at 25 mpg and expected to last 250 000 miles—with fuel prices set at 7$/gallon—you can expect

can cars last 300 000 miles?

one of the primary factors to wear on cars are roads. the more road abrasion, the shorter time a car will last. with that said, there are some good examples on this website where users share how their cars have lasted for over 300 000 miles.
generally speaking, it's not hard to maintain your vehicle if you know what you're doing and follow these tips below.
-learn about oil changes
-know where your gas cap is
-get regular tune up inspections
-check air filters monthly every 15k miles or so (follow manufacturer recommendations)
these little things can go a long way in order for your car to run efficiently and also provide you with peace of mind knowing that it

can a car last 500000 miles?

yes. studies show that cars can last up to 500,000 miles with proper maintenance.

there are many factors to consider when determining the lifespan of a car. during this stage, the cost of maintaining the car will be considerably less than periodic maintenance for newer cars due to their more complicated parts. furthermore, if it is driven on roads with heavy traffic or high speed limits (such as interstate highways), then the life expectancy may decrease significantly due to increased wear and tear on important car parts like axles and transmission systems. there are some other factors which you should take into account too such as engine size and condition of tires,.

is it ok to buy a car with 200k miles?

it depends on the driver's habits and the vehicle's services. for instance, both maintenence costs and warranty costs will also affect a decision to buy a car with 200k miles.

if you drive your car everyday for 8 hours or more, it may be best for you to purchase a new car that either has less mileage-typically around 100-150 thousand–or one that comes with a long warranty offered by a major automaker.
otherwise, if you do some research first and make sure not to break any rules for whichever type of auto insurance is required in your region before purchasing an automobile anywhere near this price range (especially as high as 200k miles), then it should be fine as long as some repairs

how many total miles can a car last?

the number of miles a car will last before it breaks down entirely depends on a series of factors, such as engine condition, weight of the car, how many miles per gallon the engine exceeds average daily use, and other factors. it might be reasonable to expect that this question would best be answered by an automotive mechanic in your area.
the below chart provides some benchmark figures for estimating wear and tear to various parts in relation to mileage:


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