How many miles per year on a car

After you drive 10,000 miles in your car, the engine needs replacing. and how much do you use your car? if it's necessary to move lots of boxes or furniture around, maybe all day every couple of weeks, then that number can rise quickly. or maybe you rely on door-to-door deliveries for groceries and other goods because home storage is inconvenient (or impossible). so how many miles does a person use their car these days? that figure varies greatly by location—the average american drives about 12,900 miles per year.

how many miles should a car get yearly?

all cars today must meet the 1975 emission standards and these standards will be increasingly improved as we move towards stricter goals. nevertheless, they aren't enough to combat the increasingly high demand for auto travel. clearly, with increased fuel prices and increased national gas consumption there is cause for concern. there are many factors such as driving style, time of day driven, driving conditions (hills) topography (mountains), engine size engine type, transmission type and maintenance that contribute to how many miles a car can drive per year before it needs service or parts replaced.”

is 12 000 miles a year a lot?

our ceo is really into running. he did 73 miles of training this weekend and that’s more than 12k/year.

12,000 miles (or 20,000km) per year is a good benchmark for olympic class runners like marathoners. but elite distance runners like him often run 25-30 thousand km per year or more! that's about 50-60kms every single day of the calendar. what an interesting hobby?

it's a major hobby in a lot of countries with a lot better weather than ours in the winter to be honest 😉 we're sitting here in calgary getting ready for some snow but at least i have my running shoes out on my porch waiting for when it stops being so

what mileage is too high for a used car?

not a professional but i would say anything over 120,000 miles.

when a car reaches the 120 000 mile mark, you can assume it has been through a lot. it's far more likely to have a few dents and scratches as well as some stiffer parts that need regular oil changes. this is why these cars are not too expensive from certain dealerships. buying from them may seem like getting an awesome deal for most people at first, but they could end up putting out twice as much tip money in repairs that would be needed if it were new or never driven before then.

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