How many miles should a 2017 car have in 2020

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date published: october 06th, 2018

how many miles should a 2017 car have?

the expected lifetime of a vehicle is 10 years.

if the car has more than 76,000 miles by year six, it's time for an expensive tune-up. but if you maintain your car correctly with regular maintenance and oil changes, the high mileage shouldn't be much of an issue.

here are few tips to keep in mind to prolong the lifespan of your car: “keep the engine well-fed by maintaining proper airflow; don't let brakes heat up; change factory fluid according to manufacturer's specs; check tire pressure regularly; replace worn tires.” some other ways to extend how long that vehicle will last include changing any belts before they wear out or break (also consider changing pulleys if needed). and finally

how many miles should you have on a 2020 car?

the age of a car is calculated in years, but often refers to the stated warranty remaining. certain models carry lifetime warranties, while others have shorter terms. it's not uncommon for people to avoid buying cars with unknown histories when they don't know how old it could be; in these cases, 2020 coverage might be limited.

that said, manufacturers usually give an idea about when the vehicle was made at purchase time (whether or not that date is accurate). this creates mechanisms for consumers to find out what mileage will trigger their concerns in advance in order to make well-informed decisions; this allows them to feel empowered and knowledgeable about their purchase decision. speaking generally, most people would like around 10 years (or 120 thousand)

how many miles should a used car have?

that's a hard question to answer, because it depends on who is asking the question.

how many miles per gallon does your car get? what kind of gas will the car be running on (e.g., regular, ethanol)? how many miles do you drive per day? does this car have an engine that burns oil instead of gas (such as for diesel trucks, which doesn't burn oil at all)? is this going to be a daily driver or only something you need occasionally?

is there a warranty with the purchase and how long is it?

these are just some of the hundreds of questions that customers might ask themselves before purchasing a used vehicle. the best way to figure out what you want from your purchase from

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